Over US$1 Million in Member Savings

Well established as Lebanon’s premier destination for great new experiences and amazing offers, we are happy to announce that goSawa has saved members over US$1 Million through the 38,000+ coupons sold since the first deal was featured in April, 2011. In celebration, a photo contest is being held with $2,500 up for grabs and the public is invited to join by visiting

Contestants can enter by uploading a visual that shows either a past or desired future goSawa experience. Participants will be able to share their photo with friends in order to collect votes. The contest will be open for submissions and voting over a 1-month period until the 22nd of February 2013. Ten lucky participants with the most votes will win goSawa cash prizes ranging from $50 to $1,000 per winner. Of course being goSawa cash, each dollar will take you twice as far since the products and services you will buy through the website attract a discount of at least 50% off and above!

People interested in joining the contest should first register an account by visiting


goSawa – Now Live in Beirut

It’s been a hectic lead up till the launch of our first deal in Beirut. We launched yesterday, Monday 11 April with a great deal from a great place. The deal: 50% off Krystal Salt or Coconut Body Scrub & Relaxing Foot Reflexology Massage at Thai Island Beauty and Spa.

Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies, but it doesn’t mean you can’t whip out your credit card and buy this great experience for that special woman in your life :)

For me, it’s back to work. Our next deal is coming up this Thursday for you adventurous people! No it’s not an adventure :p

We have plenty of great deals coming up so make sure you subscribe to get the daily deal by email and keep checking for updates.

50% off Krystal Salt or Coconut Body Scrub & Relaxing Foot Reflexology Massage

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Indeed, it is going to be a great New Year for Lebanon. We are planning to launch our new website in early 2011.
The year of Sawa is upon us. We are going to bring you only the best deals in Lebanon…. and wait for it….. DAILY!! Well, at least that’s the plan!

Well it’s going to be lots of hard work finding a great deal every day, but we are going to do it. Your job is to make sure you get that great deal and spread the word! Sawa, we can make it work. The bigger we are as a subscriber base, the better the deal we can negotiate.

Now, we are using a tipping point concept for our deals. If you are not familiar with the concept yet, here it is. We offer you a daily deal. You are invited to take it up. If enough people take up the deal, the deal is on and you all get a great bargain. If not enough people take up the deal, the deal is off and no one gets the deal. The minimum number required to take up the deal is negotiated by us, so we will always do our best to keep that number as low as possible.

The more people you spread the deal to (via email, facebook, twitter etc.) the more chances we have at reaching the tipping point. Again, the power of Sawa is at play here. It won’t be a hard sell since we are only going to bring you the best offers and experiences and the lowest possible price. All you need to do is spread the word and share the deal you like (hopefully all of them).

One last note, this blog (along with our other social media like Facebook and Twitter) is going to be extremely important to use as a platform to share our ideas and get your feedback. You missed a deal and want to see it again, let us know. If there is a deal you want to see, let us know, we will negotiate it. Chances are, other people want that too! Let’s be smart and start saving money!

Now, I have to get back to work to bring this site together so I can start negotiating these deals!